Khiang Rim Khong

Khiang Rim Khong – translating from Thai as ‘Alongside the Mekong River’ – was founded in 1997 and for the past 20 years has been vigorously striving to raise awareness to HIV, and combat the discrimination people living with the epidemic suffer at the hands of community members and professional health providers. Emphasising inclusiveness and acceptability, it has created a safe, judgement-free space where people can share and learn about safe sex, prevention of underage or unwanted pregnancies, and protection from HIV/AIDS and STDs. Khiang Rim Khong works closely with the local community to educate, counsel and assist all those who seek help and the support it offers caters to the different needs of every individual, be it financial, logistical or emotional.


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“If we are able to see everyone equally as humans and not hate each other then we are able to solve the problem. If people are marginalized or excluded they are less likely to get tested and admit the problem.”-P’Pan, Co. Director


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